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Whale Conservation Shirt – Save A Whale Pass Up Plastic

This Whale Conservation Shirt - Save A Whale Pass Up Plastic aims to highlight the continuing issue of plastic polluting our seas and oceans and the effect it is having on our whales.

If you or someone you know are concerned about plastic pollution and our whales… pass up plastic and save a whale. Pass on the message with this design.

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Whale Conservation Shirt - About The Whales And Their Threats.

Despite protection in recent years, whales are still at risk.

Entanglement in fishing gear, effects from pollution and commercial whaling continue to threaten their existence. Many whales have been washed up only to find their stomachs filled with plastic waste.

Despite recent increases in numbers for some species of whale, six out of 13 whale species still remain endangered.

Whales have a very important role to play in the overall balance of the marine environment so it is crucial that efforts to save the whales continue.

The Design Work On This Whale Conservation Shirt.

This whale conservation shirt design naturally features a whale and this one is a top view of a humpback whale. The flourishes and typography surrounding the whale give it a very charming look and will appeal to all whale lovers and animal activists alike.

Show your appreciation for the whales with this humpback whale shirt. It will make a great gift for yourself, friend or someone in the family.

Find This Whale Conservation Shirt Today. Help Raise Awareness To Save The Whales Against Plastic Pollution.

This Whale Conservation Shirt is available in sizes for men, women, youth and kids in a variety of apparel styles and as gifts. Colours and styles may vary from those shown.

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