End Trophy Hunting T-Shirt – Protect Not Poach Rhino.

This end trophy hunting T-Shirt Protect Not Poach highlights the growing issue of trophy hunting and the illegal ivory trade industry. These animals need more protection from poaching. Consequently, Rhino populations have decreased massively and some species are now critically endangered.

This bold Rhino conservation T-Shirt may help raise awareness to end trophy hunting and the illegal trade of ivory. Wear this tee to show your support for the Rhino and other animals that are under threat.

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Trophy Hunting: Not Conservation, Not Sustainable.

Trophy hunting to most of us is cruel and unsustainable. Hunters pay large sums of money to parks and locations where they can hunt. But even though this brings in revenue for the parks it goes massively against the idea of conservation.

In particular just recently the last male White Rhino died which just highlights the issues of trophy hunting and illegal poaching. Without increased protection and a much more hardline approach to illegal hunting and selling of ivory then rhinos really will be pushed to the edge of extinction.

Also the money that is involved in ivory trade adds fuel to the fire. Trophy hunting has a massive impact on animal numbers and threatens their futures. It is not conservation as many hunters will claim.

Protect Not Poach. Rhino Conservation T-Shirt.

This Rhino silhouette design will give you plenty of choice for T-Shirt colour and dark colours will probably work best. Show your love for Rhinos and wear this message with pride and show support against trophy hunting and the illegal ivory trade.

You can find this animal conservation and save the Rhino T-Shirt available at a number of different online outlets. There are sizes for men, women, youth and kids. Please note colours may vary from those shown.

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