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Ocean Pollution T Shirt

This ocean pollution T Shirt can help to raise awareness about the ocean pollution problem we have right now. Many hundreds of different animal species have been caught up one way or another in plastic debris and pollution. Plastic is also ingested by these animals and ends up in the food chain. It effects us all.

Help to protect Mother Earth and wear this ocean pollution T Shirt to raise awareness about ocean pollution. Available online now at various different marketplaces.

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Ocean Pollution T Shirt. Raise Awareness About Plastic In The Ocean.

Huge amounts of plastic are used in everyday life. Most of the plastic that is littered around the world ends up in the ocean. It is washed into the water systems by rainfall or wind and then ends up in the sea. A huge vortex of plastic accumulates over time and builds up into garbage patches.

Animals Are Effected By Pollution Big And Small.

Many animals including whales, dolphins, sea turtles, seabirds and fish are effected by the plastic and other plastic type debris in the ocean. Fishing nets and tackle are a big polluter too. Even if the plastic gets worn down by the sea it becomes so small it finds its way into the food chain very easily.

This makes cleaning up operations particularly difficult. Plastic can end up being so small.

Ocean Pollution T Shirt. Help Stop Plastic Pollution In The Ocean.

Want to help save our oceans from plastic and pollution? Help spread the word amongst your family, friends and colleagues with this ocean pollution T Shirt. It features a cute dolphin and sea life and communicates the message of pollution in our oceans very clearly.

Finally, this design has some distressed and grain effects for a vintage or worn-in look. It will also make a great Earth Day gift shirt or ideal for any environmentalist or animal lover. This Ocean Pollution T Shirt is available online now, get yours today! Sizes for men, women, youth and kids. Please note colours may vary from those shown.

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