Save The Oceans T Shirt. Skip A Straw Save A Turtle Shirt.

This Save The Oceans T Shirt has a lighthearted message about the important issue of animals affected by plastic pollution and plastic in our oceans.

First of all plastic straws are a huge issue when it comes to ocean plastic pollution. They literally take 100’s of years to breakdown. And furthermore, when they do breakdown they are just as harmful because they become micro plastics. As micro-plastics they can easily be consumed by fish and other sea life and they become part of the food chain as plastic continues to form a huge plastic garbage patch.

Help raise awareness about the serious issue about causes of plastic pollution in oceans with this Save A Turtle Shirt.

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Save The Oceans T Shirt. Plastic Straws - They Never Really Go Away.

Plastic straws are manufactured to be very sturdy and strong. But because of this it means they never really decompose. It would take 100’s of years for them to break down.

If they are recycled, due to their size they often pass through recycling machines without being sorted or recycled. The same happens with some bottle tops because of their small size. These items then end up in trash or in most cases, washed up in the sea creating an ocean of plastic.

There are many animals animals affected by ocean pollution. Sea turtles have been massively affected by plastic bags pollution and plastic straw pollution. Most noteworthy, we have seen images and videos of sea turtles with a straw stuck up its nostril. We now understand the seriousness of plastic pollution in oceans.

Some cities now ban plastic straws so action is being taken. Many companies are now using biodegradable straws that are more environmentally friendly.

Skip A Straw Save A Turtle T Shirt. A Great Save The Oceans T Shirt.

Are you passionate about the welfare of marine life and like to help raise awareness about plastic use? Isn’t it time to wear a Skip A Straw Save A Turtle T Shirt? Encourage people to stop using plastic straws by raising awareness with this save our oceans shirt.

The Details In This Save The Oceans T Shirt.

This artwork has grain and distressed effects for a worn-in or vintage look. Skip A Straw Save A Turtle T Shirt would make a great gift for any environmentalist or for those who care about Mother Earth. The design is encapsulated in a circular shape making it a great design for T-Shirts. It looks great on. It also has very bold lettering to get the message across. Get your save the oceans T Shirt now. Sizes for men, women, youth and kids. Please note colours may vary from those shown.

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