Plastic Pollution T-Shirt. Please Keep The Sea Plastic Free – Dolphin.

This plastic pollution awareness T-Shirt, Please Keep The Sea Plastic Free helps to raise awareness for the growing issue of plastic debris in the sea. We know that there are huge amounts of plastic being created and used everyday. Above all, what we need to do is find a way to recycle more of it or find alternatives.

Likewise we need to find a way to clean up the seas and stop more plastic and trash entering them.

Please Keep The Sea Plastic Free is a great slogan that can remind us of this environmental issue we have. The design features a dolphin silhouette with a marine scene and retro colours. Everything is created in a circular design for great impact on a T-Shirt. It’s perfect for dolphin lovers, marine conservationists and those who want to help raise awareness about plastic pollution.

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Retro Style, Current Issues.

If you love dolphins, marine mammals and sea life this save our oceans T-Shirt would make a great gift or purchase for yourself. Similarly any wildlife fan, environmentalist or marine conservation activist would appreciate this tee.

It would be ideal for events like Earth Day due to the fact almost everyone there will have have a message to share. What better way to do it by wearing a tee like this?

Please Keep The Sea Plastic Free. Retro Dolphin Shirt About Plastic Pollution In The Sea.

Sea mammals like the dolphin are becoming threatened by plastic and other debris left in the sea. As a result they mistake these items for food and this can most certainly have fatal effects when consumed.

Together we can all help to end the use of single-use plastic and find alternatives. Furthermore, everyone can make some changes and help to make a difference. Helping to spread the word can also have a positive impact to help bring about change.

Please Keep The Sea Plastic Free. The T-Shirt Design.

Finally, we'd like to add that this design has some slight distressing and grain effects. This will give the print a worn or vintage look. This dolphin and marine scene artwork is original and this save our ocean graphic tee would make a great gift. 

Dolphin Please Keep The Sea Plastic Free Plastic Pollution T-Shirt. Available now with choices of colours. Sizes for men, women, youth and kids. Please note colours may vary from those shown.

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