Save The Orangutan TShirt – Orangutan Face T Shirt.

This Save The Orangutan TShirt features an Orangutan face and clear message. Orangutans are on the critically endangered list.

Illegal pet trade, poaching and habitat destruction are the main threats to the survival of the Orangutan. Help to raise awareness with this Orangutan conservation T Shirt.

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Save The Orangutan TShirt. Original Illustration Orangutan Face T Shirt.

Forests and jungles are being cleared at an alarming rate due to the demands of space for palm oil plantations, wood and areas for livestock. Furthermore forest fires are also destroying the rainforests.

This is the Orangutans natural habitat and it is being taken away and lives of many rainforest animals are being lost. Any surviving Orangutans are being rescued and relocated.

The Design. An Original Orangutan Face T Shirt.

Finally this illustration of an Orangutan face and message have been carefully designed to give maximum impact. The Orangutans face is iconic.

This Save The Orangutan TShirt is perfect for any animal lover or Orangutan conservation activist. This shirt is available online now. Sizes for men, women, youth and kids. Please note colours may vary from those shown.

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