Save Pangolins T-Shirt – Save The Pangolins Conservation Tee.

This Save Pangolins T-Shirt, is designed to help raise awareness of the plight of Pangolins. It will help many of whom have almost never heard of the Pangolin to understand and recognise them. Unknown to many, the Pangolin is probably the most illegally trafficked animal on the planet.

First of all Pangolin numbers are in serious decline because of illegal trade. This is alarming considering protection for them has increased. Pangolin lovers and Pangolin conservationists alike would certainly like to see even more protection for Pangolins.

The main feature of this design is a curled up Pangolin. Almost iconic in design, fitting for such an iconic mammal. It brings out the characteristics of this loveable mammal and makes it an appealing endangered Pangolin tee.

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Save Pangolins. Why Are They Being Illegally Traded?

Despite no real proof of medical value, Pangolin scales are used in Chinese medicine. Huge amounts of Pangolin scales are used for this. Their blood often regarded as a healing power, with no proof of its effectiveness. Dead or alive Pangolins are traded each year and they are are also killed for their meat. For the Chinese, Pangolin meat is a delicacy.

Pangolins only give birth to one offspring per year. This mammal therefore puts them top of the list for endangered species. Their numbers are just not recovering.

As a result, Pangolins could easily go extinct if nothing is done to ensure their survival. The Pangolin is a seriously endangered mammal.

A Save Pangolins Conservation Shirt.

If you are passionate about the welfare of Pangolins you will love this Pangolin conservation shirt. Wear this tee with pride and help spread the word to save Pangolins.

Finally the details in the design are most noteworthy. The small highlights on the scales of the Pangolin and the rustic style of the font add a charming look to the artwork. Most of all this design sets out to do one job: raise awareness for Pangolins to those who are not aware of their plight. 

This save Pangolin conservation shirt is available online now. Save The Pangolins shirt available in a choice of colours. Sizes for men, women, youth and kids. Please note colours may vary from those shown.

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