Save Orangutans T-Shirt. Orangutan Endangered Species Tee.

This save Orangutans T-Shirt may have a friendly style to it but the Orangutan is in a very serious situation. The Orangutan has been an endangered species for many years now but the effects of deforestation has put them on the critically endangered list.

This is particularly the case for the Bornean Orangutan. We have seen videos of Orangutans with them trying to fight off large machinery clearing their forest habitat. This situation is very real.

Help to raise awareness and spread the word about the plight of the Orangutan. If you love Orangutans, and want to avoid orangutan extinction, you’ll appreciate this shirt.

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Save Orangutans. Orangutan Endangered Species T-Shirt.

Forests and jungles are being cleared at an alarming rate due to the demands of wood, space for palm oil plantations and areas for livestock.

Also disasters like forest fires are adding to the problem. The Orangutans natural habitat is being taken away and even now Orangutans are still being killed. Many organisations are set up to support Orang-utan conservation and you can make donations to help the cause.

Save The Orangutans Until They Are Safe.

Orangutans are now being rescued and relocated due to the efforts of many great organisations. Even some baby Orangutans are being cared for after losing parents from poachers or forest fires.

Baby Orangutans depend on their mothers for the first 6-8 years of their lives so to be rescued when found alone would be the only help they could get to possibly survive.

After years of protection and care the rescued Orangutans can gradually be returned to protected rainforests. With 1,000s of Orangutans perishing each year rescuing just a few Orangutans are small steps but crucial ones to ensure their survival. But Orangutan extinction is a very real prospect.

Save Orangutans. The T-Shirt Design.

Finally to mention the design. This illustration of an Orangutan is perched in a tree where there Orangutan spends most of its life. It's an attractive T-Shirt design for any animal lover or Orangutan fan. This Orangutan endangered species T-Shirt is available online now. Sizes for men, women, youth and kids. Please note colours may vary from those shown.

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