Save The Dolphins Shirt – Dolphin Conservation T Shirt

This Save The Dolphins Shirt helps to raise awareness about dolphin hunting, dolphin slaughter and dolphin captivity. It’s a bold and simple save the dolphins T Shirt that will appeal to animal lovers, conservationists and environmentalists alike.

Help to raise awareness about the plight of the dolphin and how they are hunted, slaughtered and captured for human entertainment or human consumption. Dolphins go through brutal experiences and are killed for reasons we all need to be aware of. If you care for dolphins, you’ll appreciate this shirt.

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Save The Dolphins Shirt. Dolphin Conservation T Shirt.

So how can we help dolphins? The easiest way to help dolphins is to not buy any tickets for dolphin shows, dolphinariums or aquariums that hold dolphins in captivity. This is not to say you cannot see dolphins. Go and visit them in their natural habitat. Watch them in the wild with environmentally conscious tours or guides.

Why Are Dolphins Endangered? The Threats To Dolphins.

Alongside issues with captivity and consumption, dolphins also face numerous threats mostly from human activities. These include climate change and pollution which in turn effect feeding grounds and migration routes.

The Maui’s dolphin is on the brink of extinction because of death mostly by being entangled in discarded commercial fishing nets and gear.

Most noteworthy, consumption of dolphin meat and the dolphin harvest in Japan shown in detail on The Cove documentary remain a huge issue for dolphins.

When dolphins are captured they can be sold for large sums of money. The entertainment industry is creating demand for this. It is important we all stop supporting these establishments.

Finally all these factors all contribute to the decline and threats to the dolphin.

Save The Dolphins Shirt. Help Raise Awareness About Dolphin Conservation.

Dolphins need protection. We can all help to raise awareness and we can stop buying tickets for shows. It is important we are aware of what is happening with the Taiji dolphin slaughter. It’s not acceptable the way dolphins are hunted.

This Save The Dolphins T-Shirt Design.

The design for this dolphin tee shirt is very simple and bold. The colors are minimal and lettering is clear. Two graphic dolphins in harmony make up the design similar to the Yin and Yang symbol.

The design has distressed and grain effects for a worn in look.

This save the dolphins t shirt is available online now at many different outlets. Sizes for men, women, youth and kids. Please note colours may vary from those shown.

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