Save The Bluefin Tuna From Overfishing – Tuna Overfishing T-Shirt

This save fish T-Shirt highlights the overfishing problems facing the Bluefin Tuna. Tuna is a huge money making business with it being consumed by so many people. Tuna is also a massive source of income for fishing communities.

The simple fact is that for all species of tuna, acceptable fishing limits need to be enforced globally to ensure tuna stocks can recover. The damaging effects too of illegal fishing needs to be stopped.

This save fish T-Shirt would be suitable for any respectful fisherman or fishing fan. Ideal too for marine conservationists and lovers of marine life.

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Bluefin Tuna. The Facts.

The Atlantic Bluefin tuna is one of the largest, fastest and most beautifully coloured fish of them all. The shape of the fish allows it reach speeds of around 40 miles per hour. They can retract their pectoral and dorsal fins to reduce drag and almost create a torpedo shape as they power through the water.

Due to the fact they constantly eat fish themselves, they grow to massive sizes to well over 1,000 pounds in weight. It is such a shame that this incredibly beautiful and unique fish is so well liked on the dinner table. We hope that Bluefin Tuna stocks are allowed time to replenish their numbers properly going forward.

Save The Bluefin Tuna From Overfishing. Save Fish T-Shirt.

Tuna is unfortunately one of the endangered species that is not so fashionable like for example, sea turtles, gorillas, or tigers. They go unnoticed from the public eye. But most certainly unless something is done to further control the overfishing of tuna then the future looks bleak for these fish.

Wear this shirt if you appreciate the fish we have in the ocean. Above all we need to help raise awareness for the tuna. We hope retailers, fishing and processing companies work together to create a sustainable future for the industry.

Save The Bluefin Tuna. Save Fish T-Shirt Design.

Finally we’d like to mention the details in the design. It features a very dynamic illustration of a tuna fish navigating its way through fishing nets.

It has distressing effects for a worn look and also has small fishing type details that will interest respectful fisherman and marine life fans. This shirt is available online now. Sizes for men, women, youth and kids. Please note colours may vary from those shown.

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