Protect The Coral Save The Reef – Coral Bleaching T-Shirt.

This save coral T-Shirt, Protect the Coral Save the Reef has a clear message: save the world’s coral reefs from coral bleaching. We try to achieve this by making efforts to reduce global warming. Sea temperatures are rising and coral bleaching is occurring.

This therefore has a devastating impact on the marine ecosystem and coral. Once coral bleaching occurs due to the rising sea temperatures, it’s a struggle for coral to return to normal state.

Included with this save coral T-Shirt, this design shows a circular coral graphic. In addition to the simplicity of the design, we feel this shirt is a great way to raise awareness about global warming.

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What Is Coral Bleaching?

Coral bleaching occurs when the water gets too warm. Because of this, the coral loses algae that is contained in their tissue and this causes the coral to turn white. Also, the algae that lives within the coral provides approximately 90% of the coral’s energy. Therefore it is a vital element in the coral’s make up. It also helps to create the beautiful colour we see.

We enjoy seeing beautiful images of brightly coloured coral reefs. We enjoy reading about the important role coral plays in the sea. It is devastating to see the effects of global warming. Unless the situation with global warming takes a big step in the right direction the future of our coral reefs remain under threat.

Save Coral. A Great Global Warming Awareness Shirt.

If you are passionate about the welfare of marine life you will love this climate change shirt. Wearing this save coral T-Shirt would help to raise awareness of the effects of climate change.

Finally to mention the details in the design, this artwork has distressed and grain effects. It gives the design that slight vintage or worn look. It’s bold and clear in its message. As a result this tee is unique and makes a great gift for all.

Most of all those who are animal and marine nature lovers, coral lovers, conservationists and environmentalists will love this shirt. This marine conservation shirt is available online now. Protect the Coral Save the Reef T-Shirt. Sizes for men, women, youth and kids. Please note colours may vary from those shown.

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