Please Keep The Sea Plastic Free – Turtle T-Shirt.

This Please Keep The Sea Plastic Free T-Shirt is ideal for those interested in keeping our oceans clean. Because plastic pollution is such an important topic, the message ‘Please Keep the Sea Plastic Free’ is easy to remember making it a great marine environmental shirt.

In addition to the message on this save marine life shirt, this design features a rustic style drawing of a sea turtle. It is a simple but attractive design. Therefore, we feel this shirt is a great way to raise awareness and spread the word about the harmful effects of ocean plastic pollution.

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Please Keep The Sea Plastic Free - The Harmful Effects Of Plastic Pollution.

Ocean plastic is becoming very harmful to marine life in our seas and also to the ocean environment. Help spread the word and bring an end to plastic use. 

Most single-use plastics like straws, bags, wrappers, containers and holders do not biodegrade. Many are not recyclable. They end up in our oceans and stay there until they become micro-plastics - small beads of plastic that are worn down by the sea.

These beads of plastic then are ingested by animals and marine life and become part of the food chain.

A Great Save Our Oceans And Marine Conservation Shirt.

If you are passionate about the welfare of marine life, the conditions of our oceans and other environmental issues this save our oceans T-Shirt would make a great gift. Please Keep The Sea Plastic Free - A great way to spread the word for everyone to reduce the amount of plastic they use.

Finally, to mention the details in the design, this artwork has distressed and grain effects for that slight vintage or worn look. The artwork is original and this graphic tee makes a great gift.

Furthermore, this is the first T-Shirt bearing this message to arrive on the internet. So it's very unique! Please Keep The Sea Plastic Free Plastic Pollution T-Shirt. Get yours now. Sizes for men, women, youth and kids. Please note colours may vary from those shown.

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