Plastic Pollution T Shirt. Keep The Sea Plastic Free – T-Shirt.

This plastic pollution marine life T-Shirt helps to illustrate the growing problem of plastic pollution in the sea. As a result, plastic pollution is having drastic effects on the environment and consequently there are many animals affected by plastic pollution.

This plastic pollution T Shirt helps to raise awareness of plastic in the ocean.

Keep The Sea Plastic Free sea turtle save the oceans T Shirt. Available online now at various different marketplaces.

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Stop Plastic Pollution. How Plastic Effects Marine Life.

Because of the effects of plastic pollution on marine life, we all have to help reduce the amount of plastic we use and how we dispose of it. However, we also need authorities, manufacturers and retailers to do more in reducing the amount of plastic that is produced.

Also to review the types of plastic produced. Many types of plastic affecting the environment have toxic ingredients which cannot be seen but contaminate the food chain.

Fishing is also one of the main causes of plastic pollution. Abandoned fishing gear, fishing traps and pots, buoys and monofilament fishing line are a massive threat to all sea life and probably the one of the most deadly causes of plastic pollution in oceans.

Many seabirds, sea lions and turtles have perished due to encounters with fishing related trash and plastic waste.

Plastic Pollution T Shirt. Stop Plastic Pollution.

If you are passionate to save our oceans you will already be helping the cause. The easiest one is to stop using plastic forks, spoons and utensils.

Also plastic straws and try to bring an end to single use plastic. But, what better way to spread the word amongst your family and friends than with this T-Shirt? It is bold and simple in design and communicates the message of plastic in our oceans very clearly.

Finally to mention that this design has some distressed and grain effects for a vintage or worn-in look. It will also make a great Earth Day gift shirt. This Plastic Pollution T Shirt is available online now, get yours today! Sizes for men, women, youth and kids. Please note colours may vary from those shown.

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