Pangolin Lives Matter Shirt – Save The Pangolins T-Shirt.

This Pangolin Lives Matter Shirt, helps to raise awareness for the endangered Pangolins.

Pangolin numbers are in serious decline because of illegal trade. Hundreds of Pangolins are poached daily for their meat and their scales. In southern China and Vietnam it is believed their blood has healing powers and their scales have medicinal value. None of which have been verified as being true.

As a result of the illegal trade and poaching, most species of Pangolin are now on the critically endangered list.

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Pangolin Lives Matter Shirt. The Design.

This Pangolin Lives Matter Shirt incorporates conservation messages with rustic graphics, fonts and colours. The main subject being a Pangolin with a tropical background.

Pangolin Lives Matter Shirt. Rustic Style Save The Pangolins Shirt.

This Endangered Pangolin Shirt is the perfect design for those who love Pangolins or for those who are looking for a Pangolin endangered animal tshirt. With original artwork this makes a great gift for yourself, friend or family member.

This save the Pangolin shirt is available online now and is available in a choice of colours. Sizes for men, women, youth and kids. Please note colours may vary from those shown.

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