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Orangutan Conservation Shirt – Save The Orangutans

This Orangutan Conservation Shirt - Save The Orangutans highlights the growing issues surrounding the plight of the Orangutan. Sumatran and Bornean Orangutan numbers continue to fall due to hunting, illegal wildlife trade and deforestation.

Help raise awareness with this Orangutan Conservation shirt. If you love Orangutans and care for our rainforests, you’ll appreciate this shirt.

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Orangutan Conservation Shirt - About The Orangutan.

Orangutans are currently found in the tropical rainforests of Borneo and Sumatra in Indonesia and Malaysia. They mainly eat fruit but they will also eat vegetation and insects. But illegal pet trade, poaching and habitat destruction are the main threats to the survival of the Orangutan. With help of organisations and conservation programs we hope to save the Orangutans from extinction.

The Design Work On This Orangutan Conservation Shirt.

This design features an Orangutan face surrounded with typography in a circular logo design in a rustic style. The aesthetically pleasing design will appeal to Orangutan lovers and conservationists alike. Show your appreciation for the Orangutan with this shirt. It makes a great gift for yourself, friend or someone in the family.

Order Your Orangutan Conservation Shirt Today. Help Raise Awareness For The Orangutan.

Finally this Orangutan Conservation Shirt is available in sizes for men, women, youth and kids in a variety of apparel styles and as gifts. Colors may vary from those shown.

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