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Ocean Trash – Stop Dropping Trash Where We Splash – Whale T-Shirt.

This ocean trash awareness humpback whale T-Shirt is a fun way to communicate the issues with trash and garbage in our seas. Plastic has been a revolutionary product since the 1930’s but due to its durability and strength most items of plastic that have been produced are still around today. And as a result most of this ends up in the ocean.

Many marine animals from big to small are being affected. Marine trash is having a huge impact on our environment. Help raise awareness and spread the word with this save our oceans T-Shirt.

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Stop Dropping Trash Where We Splash. Ocean Trash Awareness T-Shirt For Those Who Love Whales.

As a result, this great tee has been created. It's ideal for those who are concerned with trash and pollution in our seas. It’s also great for humpback whale lovers or those who love marine animals. 

Are you passionate about the welfare of marine life and like to help raise awareness about the trash in our seas? This ocean pollution T-Shirt would make a great gift or purchase for yourself. Similarly it would be ideal for events like Earth Day. 

Stop Dropping Trash Where We Splash - wear this shirt with pride and show your support for our marine life and environment.

A Great Ocean Trash Awareness And Plastic Pollution T-Shirt.

Finally to mention the details in this design. The whale has been illustrated with an almost hand painted look to it. This will appeal to lovers of art and animals alike. It is a friendly design. This ocean trash awareness T-Shirt is available online now, get yours today! Sizes for men, women, youth and kids. Please note colours may vary from those shown.

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