Let’s Make Coral Colorful Again. Help Stop Global Warming T-Shirt.

This Let’s Make Coral Colorful Again Help Stop Global Warming T-Shirt uses a well known phrase to highlight the issue of coral bleaching.

Coral bleaching has been occurring in the worlds coral reefs whereby the coral loses its colour due to rising sea temperatures. This is a result of global warming.

This save coral reef shirt, shows colourful coral graphics with the message in white. With its connection to a well known phrase, it therefore makes this shirt a popular choice.

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Why Is Coral Bleaching Happening?

If the sea temperature gets too warm the algae contained in coral tissue is lost and this causes the coral to turn white. Because the algae also provides much of the coral’s energy without it the coral cannot function. Therefore it is vital to the coral survival.

We need to further reduce the carbon emissions and other factors that contribute to global warming to reduce the temperature in the sea. We need to take more action to protect life like coral as it is so integral to marine eco-systems.

Let’s Make Coral Colorful Again T-Shirt. Help Raise Awareness Of Climate Change.

If you are passionate about climate change and marine life you will appreciate this global warming awareness shirt. Most noteworthy, this save coral T-Shirt could help spread the word for us all to do our bit to help reduce global warming.

Finally the artwork features some distressing effects. This provides a rustic or natural feel to the design. It’s a fun message for a serious topic which makes this shirt attractive. It’s a slogan that's easy to remember.

A Great Save Coral T-Shirt. Perfect For Any Event Or Occasion.

This tee would be ideal for any environmental convention or event. Or simply for someone who loves the ocean! Furthermore, conservationists, environmentalists and coral reef lovers would enjoy this save marine life shirt.

This marine conservation shirt is available online now. Let's Make Coral Colorful Again, Global Warming T-Shirt. Sizes for men, women, youth and kids. Please note colours may vary from those shown.

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