Elk Silhouette T-Shirt. Retro Sunset Pattern Wildlife Tee.

Enjoy this Elk silhouette T-Shirt with a range of colour options, styles of shirt and availability online. This nature shirt a great choice for Elk, Deer and Stag fans.

The Elk silhouette against the circular 'sunset' pattern creates an attractive design for a shirt and will be a top choice for those who love vintage design.

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The Wild Elk. The Basic Facts.

The Wild Elk Stag is one of the largest mammals within the deer family and mostly found in Northern America and Eastern Asia. It feeds mostly on grass, plants and leaves and habits forest areas. Large male Elk grow antlers that are shed each year.

Male Elk often engage in mating rituals where they rut which includes most noteworthy, the famous antler wrestling and loud calling sounds which are aimed to attract females and establish dominance in the herd.

Although native to North America and Eastern Asia they have become well adapted to other countries where they have been introduced. They can adapt very well but due to this their existence in other countries may affect other species and biodiversity.

Wild Elk Silhouette Design. Retro Style Shirt.

If you are an Elk or Deer lover and appreciate vintage design you will love this wildlife inspired tee. It has very distinct colours and the sunset shape behind the Elk silhouette makes a great shape for a graphic tee.

This wild Elk silhouette T-Shirt is available at a number of different online marketplaces. You will find a choice of colours and there are sizes for men, women, youth and kids. Please note colours may vary from those shown.

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