Elephant Tourism T-Shirt – Don’t Take Me For A Ride.

This elephant tourism T-Shirt Don’t Take Me For A Ride, highlights the issues of the treatment and cruelty to elephants for the tourism industry. For many years elephants have entertained tourists with anything from treks through the jungle to playing football in shows.

This elephant conservation T-Shirt aims to spread the word for people not to ride elephants or see these shows when on holiday.

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Save The Elephants. Don’t Take Them For A Ride.

For elephants to co-operate and do things under command they have their spirits broken by their owners or keepers. Then the elephants give in to instructions and duties that are required of them. Elephants are very sensitive animals and this process of breaking their spirit causes mental and social issues for them.

Despite being very strong animals, the chairs made to sit on elephants backs and carry tourists are extremely heavy. They cause irritations and rub on the elephants skin. They are also jabbed with steel spikes by their owners to get them to move. This often results in bleeding and sores on the elephants.

Only recently elephant welfare is being taken seriously. Groups have campaigned for years but it is only just now filtering into the mainstream public. This save elephants T-Shirt can help to raise awareness and stop people riding elephants on holiday.

Don’t Take Me For A Ride. Elephant Tourism T-Shirt.

The white design will give you plenty of choice for T-Shirt colour and dark colours will work best. Show that you love elephants and are keen to get the word out. Elephant lovers and animal conservationists alike will appreciate this tee.

This simple design shows an Asian elephant walking with a sunset and jungle scene behind him. It has a great elephant conservation message.

Finally this elephant conservation T-Shirt is available at a number of different online outlets. You will find a choice of colours and there are sizes for men, women, youth and kids. Please note colours may vary from those shown.

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