Deforestation T-Shirt – Toucan Save The Rainforest Shirt

This Deforestation T-Shirt aims to highlight the ongoing issue with deforestation and the welfare of rainforest animals.

Rainforests have been disappearing through deforestation for plantations such as palm oil. Help raise awareness with this Toucan Deforestation T-Shirt.

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Toucan Deforestation T-Shirt. Save Rainforest Wildlife.

Due to the demands of wood, areas for livestock, forest fires and space for palm oil plantations, forests and rainforests around the world are disappearing at an alarming rate. The palm oil industry needs to take further responsibility in ensuring the future of palm oil is sustainable.

We as consumers also need to help the cause. Prepare our own food rather than making processed food choices, use certified sustainable palm oil if there are no other options available. And opt for palm oil free toiletries to name a few changes we can make.

About This Toucan Deforestation T-Shirt Design.

Finally to mention the design. This illustration of a glorious colorful toucan is a well known icon of the rainforest. Mixed with green hues from plants and foliage this makes an attractive design. With vintage and distressed effects to give it that rustic look. It will appeal to wildlife lovers, environmentalists and activists alike.

This Toucan Vintage Shirt Save The Rainforests is available online now. Sizes for men, women, youth and kids. Also available on a range of gifts and lifestyle products. Please note colours and styles may vary from those shown.

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