American Eagle T-Shirt. Eagle Silhouette Retro Pattern.

This American Eagle T-Shirt is a captivating bird of prey silhouette design. The use of retro colour and styling makes this tee a top choice for American Eagle fans. Vintage lovers will also enjoy this design and bird lovers will appreciate the movement captured in the eagle silhouette.

This American Eagle silhouette retro T-Shirt - a great design for bird of prey fans is available at a number of different online marketplaces.

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The American Bald Eagle. The Basic Facts.

The American Bald Eagle is a large bird of prey and is native to North America. Its name comes from the contrast of colours in its head feathers compared to its dark brown body feathers. This eagle is the national mascot for the United States.

This eagle is primarily a fish or sea eagle. But as well as fish, the Bald Eagle will eat carrion, rodents and smaller birds. It will also prey on larger birds.

The distinctive white head does not develop on the Bald Eagle until it is around 4-5 years old. Despite numbers being low many years ago American Eagle numbers are in good shape today.

They have amazing hunting techniques: swooping down on large fish on the water surface. And also the territorial mid-air battles they have. This is where two eagles grab each others talons and free fall together in the air until they release only metres from the ground.

Bald Eagles will have between 2-3 eggs and can build nests that are as large as 8 feet across. Nests are located high up in the tree tops.

American Eagle Silhouette Design. A Vintage Style Shirt.

If you love the Bald American Eagle, like eagle designs and enjoy the vintage style you will love this retro eagle tee. The colours make this shirt very distinctive and there are distressing effects on the artwork to give it that vintage look.

This American Eagle silhouette T-Shirt is available in a choice of colours. Sizes for men, women, youth and kids. Please note colours may vary from those shown.

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